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Hand made websites
by The Cycling Web Designer

Creating ideas and turning them into pixels.

Every idea is a journey. Every journey is unique. And some journeys are simply inspiring.

The bicycle is one of man's noblest of ideas. It has taken us places we never thought possible, it has set world records, it has revolutionised transport and connected societies. It is a design that universally understood throughout the world.

Exquisitely designed and tailor-made from the ground up, I design websites to exhibit, evoke and inspire. Made with only the finest hand-written HTML, these are ideas created to compliment you – your work, your personality, your brand – and provide the ultimate way for the world to experience who you are.

Built to last.

Every website is built with the latest technologies, from HTML 5 to CSS 3, to bring your site to life. And, because it adheres to W3C Web Standards and WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, you can rest easy knowing your website will be easily accessible for everyone, across all types of devices.

The Workshop

London, England

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View project Alec Dickson Trust Project Showcase Image

Alec Dickson Trust

The Alec Dickson Trusts supports young people who, through volunteering or community service, aim to enhance the lives of others, particularly those most marginalised by society.

View project Bounce Project Showcase Image


Bounce are a London based 5-piece pop/rock/dance crossover band with a unique, funky sound. From Beyonce to DJ Fresh, they're guaranteed to make you spill your drink all over yourself!

View project Jayson Gillham Project Showcase Image

Jayson Gillham

Australian-British pianist Jayson Gillham has emerged as one of the finest pianists of his generation. Jayson has received numerous awards and prizes reaching the finals of some of the world’s leading piano competitions.

View project Orchestra Unimi Project Showcase Image

Orchestra Unimi

Founded in 2000 the Orchestra UniMi has become – under its Music Director Alessandro Crudele – one of the leading youth orchestras in Italy, representing a new venture in the Italian music scene.

View project London Chamber Music Society Project Showcase Image

London Chamber Music Society

The London Chamber Music Society (LCMS) is dedicated to bringing the best in chamber music to London audiences at affordable prices and can trace its origins back to Victorian music making in London in the 1870s.

View project Ed Schroeder Project Showcase Image

Ed Schroeder

Ed Schroeder is an editor, digital effects and restoration artist, and professional photographer. He mostly enjoys really nice bicycles, epic wide landscapes, cutting picture to a really good piece of music, and animating particles so that they look just right.