Alessandro Crudele

Alessandro Crudele is one of the most outstanding and versatile conductors to emerge from Italy in recent years. He has flourished rapidly and conducted prestigious orchestras such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Prague Symphony Orchestra.

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Acclaimed maestro Alessandro Crudele is an italian conductor internationally recognised for leading numerous prestigous orchestras such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia Rotterdam. With a new documentary underway Alessandro was also looking to update his existing website to coincide with the documentary’s premiere.

As part of the refresh the new website would gain a new design, updated branding and a responsive layout to support mobile devices. The design was guided by a certain look and feel that Alessandro desired – to appear modern, approachable, and distinct from the literal classical connotations of his field but to also retain the elegance, beauty and sophistication for which classical music is known. In addition to a new design the website would also feature an enhanced content management system so Alessandro could easily keep all of his content fresh, provide visitors information on his scheduled performances, and display international contact information.

The new website is built on WordPress, taking advantage of the approachable UI and integrating further bespoke options for videos, images, downloads and contact information. On top of the WordPress platform is a uniqye theme designed to showcase the various sections of the website and automatically adapt the layout depending on how much content is shown. Depending on what type of device the website is accessed from the website features a custom responsive framework that intelligently adjusts the presentation of content for the best possible reading experience.

Brand Guidelines

Alessandro was looking for a new website that was both modern and elegant but retained just the right amount of classical styling as a visual cue to his profession.





This project is built in accordance to the XHTML 1.0 Strict specification.

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Mockup design for Alessandro Crudele
Mockup design for Alessandro Crudele
Mockup design for Alessandro Crudele

Bespoke Design

Every pixel - every detail - has been considered to provide a beautifully elegant visual that inspires, evokes and instills. A bespoke design is exclusive; a perfectly mixed combination of original aesthetic and branding to create a look that can only be found on this website.


Responsive Layout

This website has been designed and built to provide the optimum experience regardless of whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Mobile users enjoy subtle enhancements that improve site navigation and ease of use whilst accessibility extends to support the WCAG 2.0 specification.


Tailored CMS

A powerful content management system (CMS) enables us to easily control the content on our website. This website incorporates unique, tailor-made features designed to improve the efficiency of content management as well as ensure a consistent display of information.



Wordpress provides a feature-rich, easy to use platform for managing your website content. It powers millions of the World's websites and has great extensibility through custom plugins and themes. And developed by the open source community means it features the latest web technologies.