London Chamber Music Society

The London Chamber Music Society (LCMS) is dedicated to bringing the best in chamber music to London audiences at affordable prices and can trace its origins back to Victorian music making in London in the 1870s.

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Project Details


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The London Chamber Music Society were looking to have their website updated with a new design, one which would tie in with the aesthetic and branding of their seasonal programme. Alongside a refreshed look they also required a streamlined content management system to help facilitate easy administration of their many concerts, multimedia and public information points.

Powered by WordPress, the new LCMS website employs an integrated and bespoke suite of enhancements that improve efficiency when creating and editing concerts – including attachments of various media types, programme notes, links, ensemble biographies – all backed with simple and discreet labelling to help make the system more intuitive. In addition to an improved workflow, this bespoke system intelligently filters and processes information automatically in such a way that it provides ample flexibility whilst preserving the integrity of the layout.

The design features cues and flourishes found within the programme whilst expanding on these influences to create a website with a distinct aesthetic, but one which also compliments, and sits neatly alongside, the programme design. When establishing the design it also became clear that there was also scope to improve the website structure, making it easier for visitors to browse information concerts, purchase tickets and get information relevant to their needs.

Brand Guidelines

The seasonal programmes created by the LCMS would be the focal point for the brand. The website was designed to compliment the programme such that there was a clear visual continuation between the two.





This project is built in accordance to the XHTML 1.0 Strict specification.

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Mockup design for London Chamber Music Society
Mockup design for London Chamber Music Society
Mockup design for London Chamber Music Society

Bespoke Design

Every pixel - every detail - has been considered to provide a beautifully elegant visual that inspires, evokes and instills. A bespoke design is exclusive; a perfectly mixed combination of original aesthetic and branding to create a look that can only be found on this website.



Core is an in-house, hyper-charged and exclusive framework developed directly for Wordpress. It provides a whole host of benefits from full SEO management to advanced data management and an improved, intelligent user interface (UI) all designed to make managing your website A Whole Lot Better.


Responsive Layout

This website has been designed and built to provide the optimum experience regardless of whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Mobile users enjoy subtle enhancements that improve site navigation and ease of use whilst accessibility extends to support the WCAG 2.0 specification.


Tailored CMS

A powerful content management system (CMS) enables us to easily control the content on our website. This website incorporates unique, tailor-made features designed to improve the efficiency of content management as well as ensure a consistent display of information.